Introverted Sensing (Si): Rory is much more down to earth than her mother. She adores the smell of old books, and familiar experiences. Rory has a specific future in mind and likes to have familiar things around her, so that she feels at home. She frequently talks about books she has read,…

I would argue that Rory is INFJ. What do you think?

hallelujah-lmnds asked:

Hello! Sorry if I'm disturbing you. I just found your blog, it was really helpful, thankyou! I've taken a lot of tests before, and has always scored as an INFJ, but why am I also similar to other types? It makes me doubt myself so much.

Hey! I’m glad the blog is helpful! No type description is a 100% accurate representation of a person. People are just too different and unique. It’s normal to have things in common with other types (like the idealism of other NF types or the preference for planning and structure like SJ types). Think of your personality type more as a loose guide for how you operate in the world, rather than a strict dictionary definition of who you are as a person. :) 

aanau asked:

I'm INFJ, but my Si is well developed. But only for certain things. Things I love I remember really easily and in great detail. Ex: I always remember the names of movie composers+the movies they did. I also make connections between things and quote movies/books easily But in everyday life, I won't notice/remember details. Ex: person says "did you see what she was wearing?" I say "I don't remember"+I also struggle recalling names/dates (unless it's class + i make an effort). So can you explain?

I think INFJs remember sensory details that stick out or seem important to us. Music and quotes are more easily remembered because many times they also cause a feeling reaction - happiness, sadness, inspiration, etc. We don’t tune into details like what someone is wearing because we don’t see a point in it most of the time. Being dominant intuitives, we spend so much time in our heads that a fact or detail needs to have some significance in order to be easily remembered. 

How to Understand Your INFJ: Part 2

How to Understand Your INFJ: Part 2


1. INFJs hate explaining details. If you ask your INFJ how to get from point A to point B, don’t expect an exact, to-the-point answer. Since INFJs rely more heavily on Introverted Intuition and Introverted Thinking than their Extroverted counterparts, explaining processes, procedures and other detail-oriented tasks can sometimes be difficult. Imagine the INFJ’s brain as scattered pieces of a…

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