An Introvert’s Guide to Solo Travel

An Introvert’s Guide to Solo Travel


Traveling alone can be an awesome experience. As an introvert, I am particularly drawn to solo adventures. Nothing beats escaping from the “real world” and experiencing new people, places, and things with the person I like being with best.

However, traveling alone can be an intimidating feat, and potentially dangerous if you’re not careful. Here are some things I’ve learned during my own…

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Type Analysis: INFJ or INFP?

Type Analysis: INFJ or INFP?


INFJs and INFPs have quite a bit in common, and it can be hard to distinguish between the two. Since both types are introverted idealists, it’s easy for INFJs to relate to the INFP personality description, and vice versa. However, while these types are similar as far as preferences go (both INFs), they are completely different when it comes to functions.

Same Letters, Opposite Functions


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Type Analysis: INFJ or INTJ?

Type Analysis: INFJ or INTJ?

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People get inaccurate results on the MBTI often, especially if they’ve only taken the free online tests. The best way to determine your true personality type is to learn how the cognitive functions work, but I totally get that not everyone is into all the MBTI nerd talk like I am. So in this series I’m going to attempt to simply explain the major differences between INFJs and other personality…

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neno-senpai asked:

First of all I really love your blog.I recognize myself in everything you post. So I wanted to ask if you were ever concerned about being an INFJ and if you ever thought it would be better being a different type?

Hey, thanks! :) The road to loving and accepting myself in all my INFJ-ness has been and still is a bumpy one. There are plenty of times I wish I was more extroverted or less emotional or whatever. The grass is always greener. But, what I love about MBTI is that is plays up the strengths of each type, and has personally helped me to accept parts of my personality that in the past I thought I needed to change in order to better fit in or be successful.